Liberals in Markham—Thornhill Nominate Sandra Tam as 2022 Ontario Liberal Party Candidate

March 8, 2022 – Liberals in Markham—Thornhill have nominated Sandra Tam, a business leader and public servant, as their Ontario Liberal Party (OLP) candidate for the next provincial election.

“Sandra has been an outstanding leader for decades, and has helped improve her community and make life better for everyone who calls Markham—Thornhill home,” said OLP Leader, Steven Del Duca. “She will be a fantastic MPP and I am very happy to have her on our team.”

Sandra Tam is a long-time resident of Markham and business leader with over twenty years of public service experience. She has dedicated her career to growing her community, helping local businesses and building relationships on a local and global scale.

During her tenure as Markham’s Senior Business Development Officer, Tam worked with community business members to focus their efforts on the “Global Markham” strategy, which helped propel Markham into an internationally recognized leader for talent, innovation, diversity, and equity.

Tam was also instrumental in the Ontario Liberal fight against Doug Ford’s deregulation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

Currently, Tam serves her community as the Vice-President of the Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs and has been one of its senior executives for over 10 years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Tam helped businesses navigate government relief programs to ensure they received the support they needed.

“I have committed my professional and personal life to public service,” said Tam. “I chose to raise my children in this remarkable city and invested my time and resources into this community. I see the many social and economic opportunities that our diverse and multicultural community enables and I have the experience and passion to support and advocate for the unique needs of the residents of Markham—Thornhill.”


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