Liberal Future Fund

The Liberal Future Fund is a monthly giving program built to directly benefit your local riding association and elect a new Liberal government.

How it Works

  • Make a monthly donation of $5 or more to your local riding association
  • Make a monthly donation of $5 or more to the Ontario Liberal Party
  • Have the choice and flexibility to top up your monthly donation to one or both of your local association and the province-wide campaign effort

Benefits of Becoming a Donor

  • The opportunity to invest in a Liberal victory locally and across the province
  • Membership in a special community of dedicated Liberal supporters
  • Automatic membership renewal within the Ontario Liberal Party
  • Special invitations to FREE events reserved for Liberal Future Fund donors
  • No email fundraising messages outside of the End of Year period
  • Access to generous political tax credits to help make the most of your donation

How to Sign Up

  1. Visit
  2. Select your local association
  3. Donate $5 or more to your local association
  4. Donate $5 or more to the Ontario Liberal Party
  5. Complete your billing information
  6. Certify you’re an Ontario resident
  7. Click ‘Donate’ to sign-up

Sign Up

That’s all it takes! Your monthly contributions will go directly towards electing an Ontario Liberal MPP in your community and a new Ontario Liberal Government.