Liberals in King—Vaughan Nominate Gillian Vivona as 2022 Ontario Liberal Party Candidate

March 6, 2022 – Liberals in King—Vaughan have nominated Gillian Vivona, a high school teacher and a strong community advocate, as their Ontario Liberal Party (OLP) candidate for the next provincial election.

“As a teacher, Gillian has a firsthand understanding of the need to invest in our schools and provide our children with the best education possible,” said OLP Leader, Steven Del Duca. “Gillian will be a fantastic MPP for her community and I am very happy to have her on our team.”

Gillian Vivona is a high school teacher of almost 40 years. In 2000, Vivona and her family moved to Vaughan and has been an outspoken community advocate ever since, participating in fundraising events for Vaughan charity organizations and has been an active participant within the King—Vaughan community.

Vivona has developed strong leadership skills as a local teaching staff representative and an elected member of her local teachers’ association. This includes 8 years as a full-time teacher representative in the roles of association Vice-President and President.

Gillian Vivona enjoys problem solving and has spent the last two decades developing the skills and experience needed to serve the residents of King—Vaughan as their MPP.

“King—Vaughan residents want to have a safe and prosperous life with stable and excellent services,” said Vivona. “Together we will rebuild King—Vaughan as the best riding it can be with thriving families, protected lands, a growing economy, a world class education system and outstanding health care. It’s time to make every voice matter in King—Vaughan.”


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