Chantale Lachance nominated as Ontario Liberal Candidate in Hamilton Mountain

March 28, 2022 – Liberals in Hamilton Mountain have nominated Chantale Lachance, a lifelong educator and community advocate, as their Ontario Liberal Party (OLP) candidate for the next provincial election.

“Chantale’s extensive experience as an educator has given her the experience needed to be a fantastic MPP,” said OLP Leader, Steven Del Duca. “With Chantale as their MPP, residents in Hamilton Mountain will have a proven fighter in their corner at Queen’s Park.”

Lachance has been a member of the Ontario College of Teachers since 1997 and is currently working at Académie catholique Mère-Teresa French school as a learning resource teacher. A strong leader, she was actively involved in helping teachers throughout the province adapt their teaching practices during the implementation of the full-day, play based kindergarten program.

Lachance is running to be the next MPP for Hamilton Mountain because she is passionate about ensuring the well-being of all Ontarians, especially Ontario’s youth.

“The people of Hamilton Mountain deserve a strong voice at Queen’s Park. I will fight to make our schools the best in the country,” said Lachance. “I will always go to Queen’s Park with the intention of making decisions and supporting ideas that empower the residents of Hamilton Mountain.”


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