Four Years of Doug Ford’s Broken Promises

QUEEN’S PARK – With an election taking place in just under two months, Doug Ford and his Conservatives have a long list of broken promises they made in the last election. While there are lots more, Ontario Liberals have compiled a list of the just some of the top broken Conservative promises to remind voters not to trust Doug Ford’s last minute press releases as they are not worth the paper they are printed on.

“Doug Ford’s Conservatives just can’t be trusted,” stated Ontario Liberal Leader, Steven Del Duca. “For the last four years they’ve proven they don’t care about following through on their promises. They abandoned the very people they claimed they were working for.”

The list of some of Ford’s top broken promises is:

  1. Autism Clear the waitlist by 2020

  2. Health care – “Cut hospital wait times”

  3. Mental Health – “New support for mental health, addictions and housing”

  4. Rent Control “When it comes to rent control, we’re going to maintain the status quo”

  5. Housing – “Make sure it is easier and more affordable when you go out to buy a home”

  6. Hydro Prices – “Lower electricity bills by 12%”

  7. Greenbelt – “We won’t touch the Greenbelt”

  8. Cut Income Taxes “Cut income taxes by 20% for the second income-tax bracket, saving you up to $786 a year” 

“Everything Doug Ford is doing in the dying days of his government is a new promise, that isn’t worth anymore than the last promise he broke,” added Del Duca. “Ontarians deserve a government with a real plan, and a team and new leadership to deliver it. That is what Ontario Liberals are offering.”


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