Ford’s Greenbelt Scandal: What Really Happened in Vegas?

QUEEN’S PARK – Yesterday, Ontarians learned of more questionable behavior that occurred between members of the Ford government, and the developers who cashed in on the Conservative’s $8.3 billion Greenbelt Giveaway.

Minister Rasheed had told the Integrity Commissioner that when he met with a developer and a former high-ranking Ford staffer in Las Vegas, it was “by chance,” but hotel employees have now confirmed that all three men had scheduled spa visits at the same time, at the same spa. 

That’s more than a coincidence.  

Now, Minister Rasheed’s office is saying that the Minister’s testimony to the Integrity Commissioner was mistakenly based on an original itinerary for a 2019 trip, that was ultimately moved to 2020. 

Ontarians aren’t buying it.

“Each day, we hear more and more about members of the Ford Government having exclusive meetings and trips with Ford’s personal friends right before they purchased lands in the Greenbelt,” said John Fraser, Interim Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. “The Minister’s story doesn’t hold water and the evidence is mounting against the Ford Conservatives.”

Last week, Conservative MPPs blocked an Ontario Liberal motion to call members of the Ford government, including Ministers and Premier’s Office Staff, to testify in front of the Standing Committee of Heritage, Infrastructure and Cultural Policy and answer questions regarding the Greenbelt deals.

Ontario Liberals will continue to fight on behalf of Ontarians and push for answers to the growing number of questions surrounding the Conservative’s $8.3 billion Greenbelt Giveaway.


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