Ford’s Delays Leave Ontario Facing More Emissions and Weaker Climate Action

Ontario set to procure an additional 1,500 MW of capacity from gas-fired power plants

KINGSTON, ON – Ted Hsu, MPP for Kingston and the Islands and the Ontario Liberal Critic for Energy, has issued the following statement in response to today’s report released by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO):

“We have known about the decommissioning of Pickering Nuclear and the fleet refurbishment projects at Darlington and Bruce since before this government was first elected. Despite this, Doug Ford and his government have dragged their feet and refused to take the necessary steps toward building up Ontario’s clean energy supply. 

“Now, because of this government’s inability to plan ahead, the IESO has been forced to recommend the construction of new gas-fired power plants to meet our growing electricity demand. 

“Make no mistake about it, this is a Ford-made problem. 

“Doug Ford spent hundreds of millions of dollars to cancel renewable energy contracts put in place by the previous Liberal government, and now needs to spend millions more to make up for their lack of foresight.

“His inaction has led us toward more carbon emissions and further from our climate action goals. Ontario can and must meet our growing demand for electricity while also being a world leader in combating climate change. 

“When it comes to energy, Ontarians want three things: reliable supply, stable prices and clean generation. Doug Ford is failing them on all accounts.

“This government must get serious about the reliable energy needed by the Ontario economy, and do it in an environmentally friendly way. They must take immediate steps toward building new clean energy projects.”


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