Ford Cuts Education Spending

Toronto, ON –  Steven Del Duca, leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, made the following statement:

Today’s schools announcement is, in fact, a lacklustre attempt by Doug Ford to simultaneously repackage a previous Liberal commitment and deliver a cut at the worst possible time.

In 2017, $16B was allocated by the previous Liberal government to build and renovate public schools over ten years, and an additional $1.2B was earmarked for renewals and repairs over two years.

Today, Ford announced only $12B over ten years and $500M this year for capital projects.

This kind of cut is particularly appalling at this moment, given that our public schools need to urgently be in a state of good repair to withstand the challenge arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Parents across Ontario are already anxious about how our public schools will re-open safely in September, and Doug Ford continues to show that he does not value public education. He continues to cut when he should be investing in our students and their success.

Steven in the media this week: March 5, 2021

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