Doug Ford’s Misplaced Priorities

TORONTO – Steven Del Duca, Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, issued the following statement:

“Doug Ford has suffered yet another setback in court. But instead of complying with a ruling that he release the cabinet mandates publicly, he seems intent to waste even more taxpayer dollars by appealing. This is money that could be going to pandemic pay, smaller class sizes or personal protective equipment but instead Doug Ford is wasting it on an appeal that will almost certainly fail.”

“This is Doug Ford’s priority: keeping the mandates he issued to his Ministers hidden. He is more concerned with secrecy than protecting Ontarians.”

“What’s Doug Ford’s hidden agenda? Has he ordered Merilee Fullerton to privatize long term care? We just don’t know.”

“Doug Ford has no plan for a second wave. School boards are struggling to reopen schools. There are delays for virtual learning. Long term care homes are bracing for a tough winter.”

“Doug Ford needs to comply with the divisional court ruling and release all mandate letters immediately. He needs to get his priorities in order and finally put Ontarians first. He should stop his press conference stunts until a plan for a second wave is in place.”


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