DEL DUCA: The People of Ontario Win Fight for Vaccine Certificates

TORONTO – Doug Ford has given up his stubborn fight against vaccine certificates after the overwhelming support of Ontarians grew too loud to ignore.

“I’m encouraged to see this long overdue action, but we can never forget that Doug Ford only does the right thing when he is dragged there kicking and screaming,” said Ontario Liberal Leader, Steven Del Duca. “I am deeply concerned about how long it will take Doug Ford to fully roll the vaccine certificates out. Throughout this pandemic, these unnecessary delays have put lives at risk and left us in an unending cycle of lockdowns and confusion. A Liberal government would have implemented certificates earlier this summer when the Conservatives and NDP were still opposing them, allowing us to enter the fall with a strong and clear plan to keep people safe and help our lives return to normal.”

Earlier this week, Ontario Liberals and other opposition parties held a Vaccine Summit with leaders from various sectors. The Summit was a show of unity around the urgent need for vaccine certificates as we navigate the fourth wave.

“Ontario Liberals will continue working to make sure Doug Ford gets the implementation right, and that the vaccine certificates are accessible to all Ontarians,” added Del Duca. “Vaccines alone will not get us through the next wave of this pandemic and we will continue to provide the necessary leadership to get this right.”

Ontario Liberals first called for both vaccine certificates and mandatory frontline vaccinations in July, before the fourth wave had begun, as part of their plan to keep schools and the economy open.


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