DEL DUCA: “Sorry Folks” Won’t Cut It This Time

TORONTO – Steven Del Duca, Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, issued the following statement:

“Doug Ford knows he’s spiralling and that Ontario voters have lost confidence in his ability to manage this emergency. But “Sorry, folks” won’t cut it.

Never have we needed strong leadership more than in this moment, and Doug Ford needs to resign for that to happen.

A true leader would have already ensured essential workers were protected and essential workplace outbreaks were being stopped in their tracks. His cold hearted refusal to introduce sick days for more than a year cost lives.

Ontario Liberals would introduce sick days immediately, ensuring no one is forced to choose between stopping the spread and putting food on the table. These sick days must be provincewide, they must last until the pandemic is over, and they must be funded by the government – not a new burden on hard-hit business owners.

Anything less will be unacceptable and further proof that Doug Ford has got to go.”


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