DEL DUCA: Reopening Plan Must Be Led By Science, Not Politics

TORONTO – Steven Del Duca, Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, issued the following statement:

“Today we expect to see Doug Ford’s plan for re-opening the province after his lengthy but preventable lockdown. If his plan is serious and meaningful, it will address the following concerns, and it will be backed by the Science Table.

If Doug Ford’s plan isn’t backed by the Science Table, he needs to come clean on why he’s ignoring their advice again. His longtime denial of science has had tragic consequences.

Before anything else reopens, outdoor activities must come first, as recommended by the Science Table. Doug Ford has spent too long ignoring calls from opposition politicians and the Science Table to reopen outdoor activities.

Unpredictable, last minute school closures have become the new norm in Ontario. Doug Ford needs to give parents, education workers and students clarity on the future of education in Ontario. They’ve been left in the dark too long.

Doug Ford needs to make sure small businesses, which have been devastated by the pandemic, have the opportunity to lead our recovery. Our entrepreneurs need help after an incredibly difficult year.

Women have shouldered the brunt of the pandemic’s job losses, causing a she-cession in Ontario. Ontario Liberals would bring in universal $10/day childcare to address the employment gap, as part of our Care for Every Child plan – Doug Ford should consider adopting that plan.

Given his track record, I don’t expect today’s announcement to meet the mark, but I will remain hopeful. Ontarians deserve a real plan to reopen safely.”


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