Del Duca: Ford Must Protect Healthcare Workers

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TORONTO – Steven Del Duca, Ontario Liberal Party Leader, made the following statement:

Minister Fullerton was questioned today by the CBC about Personal Support Workers (PSWs) who had contracted COVID-19 despite wearing surgical masks.

In Ottawa, the Citizen reported a nurse was sent home after raising concerns about proper access and use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

In response to the question the Minister said it was out of her hands – this is not true. The Minister said she would like to wait for further research studies and scientific guidance before taking any action.

This is another example of an unneeded delay and attempt to pass the responsibility that lies with the government. It will have a negative impact. The buck stops with the Minister and ultimately, the Premier.

Healthcare workers in long term care and home care want access to N95s so that they are properly protected against COVID-19.

Healthcare workers cannot wait for studies – they need N95s right now. The government must protect its frontline healthcare workers. All frontline healthcare workers in long term care and home care need to be given access to N95s immediately.

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