Del Duca: Ford Isn’t Credible on Reopening

TORONTO – Steven Del Duca, Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, made the following statement:

Over and over again the direction coming from the Ford office is inconsistent, unclear, and out of touch with the concerns of Ontarians.

This uncertainty is what Ontarians face with Ford’s plans to further reopen work and our communities.

His words and actions have not aligned and he has flip-flopped on numerous occasions. Some recent examples:

  • Doug Ford has said Ontario was ahead, but we learned last week that in fact, we are behind the rest of Canada in opening our economy and communities safely
  • For months, testing has lagged other provinces
  • His instructions have been at odds with health experts and even his own ministers
  • Workers in long term care still do not have the face masks and protective equipment that they need to be safe
  • At first Doug Ford railed against regional reopening – now he’s for it
  • He said there was no systemic racism in Ontario – then changed his mind
  • At first Ford refused to take over long term care homes – now he’s taken over almost ten

From the start, Ford has been inconsistent and unclear in instructing Ontarians how to behave.

He has said one thing and then he himself has done another.

Weeks ago, Ontario Liberals called on a ban on commercial evictions. Back then, Doug Ford said we didn’t need a ban on commercial evictions – despite business after business sharing stories of eviction. It was out of touch and callous. Now, he’s flip-flopped yet again and finally taken action.

Doug Ford’s style has turned out to be without substance and has let Ontarians down.

Ford needs to outline a clear and aggressive plan on contact tracing so we can stop COVID-19 in Ontario. Ontarians deserve nothing less.

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