DEL DUCA: Doug Ford Resorts To Divisive Ads To Distract From His Failures

TORONTO – Steven Del Duca, Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, issued the following statement:

“For three years Doug Ford has shown time and again that he has betrayed the sacred trust that voters placed in him. From devastating cuts to services for kids with autism, public education, and public health to botched license plates and a complete lack of preparation for the third wave, Doug Ford has proven time and again that he just doesn’t have the judgement or competence necessary to manage Canada’s largest province.

Now we see that a desperate Doug Ford is trying to change the channel from his failures by spreading fear, hatred, and xenophobia with his border advertising. Doug Ford won’t lift a finger for you or your family, but he will say or do anything he thinks can help him cling to power.

We have seen this Conservative playbook before. From cozying up to a known bigot like Charles McVety, to stoking fears about refugees, to describing internationally trained professionals as “foreign workers”, to talking about “barbaric cultural practices” and “snitch lines”, we know this is what Conservatives do when they are desperate.

I can promise you this. As Premier I will fight every day for working families, to keep them safe, their schools safe and their livelihood safe.”


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