DEL DUCA: Doug Ford Needs to Stop Delaying Childcare

TORONTO – Ontario Liberal Leader, Steven Del Duca issued the following statement:

“It’s been months since the federal government signed its first childcare agreement with British Columbia, and since then eight of the provinces and territories have signed deals. Doug Ford claims to want a deal, but again the people of Ontario are left waiting. He has disappeared when parents need him, and he has delayed when so many families are struggling to pay for the cost of their childcare.

Affordable childcare was a federal election issue and people gave Justin Trudeau a mandate to deliver a system that will reduce families costs and get women back in the workforce. I don’t know what Doug Ford is trying to negotiate, but history tells us that the deals he makes are only good for him and his friends and not for the people who need his help the most.

There has been too much delay in this province and too much secrecy around where the money is going. Doug Ford needs to tell us why he’s dragging his heels to sign a deal that will give families the relief they need.”


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