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TORONTO – Steven Del Duca, Ontario Liberal Party Leader, made the following statement:

The COVID-19 situation is evolving rapidly.  Governments everywhere are struggling to make the changes necessary to keep their residents safe and healthy.

Here in Ontario, we have seen the government and public health officials announce a number of measures designed to deal with this crisis.  I strongly support the actions that have been taken to date.

This is a time in which people expect leaders to work together, collaboratively and constructively, to do everything we can to protect our people.

In that spirit, I call on the Government to move quickly to do whatever is required to embrace social isolation measures that will keep us safe, recognizing that our important regional differences be considered. There are a variety of models that we can borrow from, including those that have been deployed in Quebec, France and Spain. But we must take more aggressive action now.

I know this will take a toll on our way of life, but we must use every tool available to protect Ontarians. I have confidence that the people of our province are up to the challenge and will do what needs to be done.

Premier Ford has my support to move on this quickly.

To support Ontarians during what will be a difficult time, I am calling on Premier Ford to introduce a plan that compensates workers not covered by employment insurance. Additional measures that can be taken include temporarily pausing time of use electricity pricing, halting all eviction proceedings, providing hard-hit small and medium business owners with financial support, and organizing childcare for healthcare workers.

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