Coteau: Fact Checking Ford on Funding for the Anti-Racism Directorate


Funding for the Anti-Racism Directorate

Queen’s Park – Michael Coteau, MPP for Don Valley East and Ontario Liberal critic for Anti-Racism, called out Premier Doug Ford’s false claim yesterday that his government has maintained the same level of funding for the Anti-Racism Directorate.

Premier Doug Ford said: “There has been no cuts to the budget of the Anti-Racism Directorate (ARD) and our government has been clear in its support for the ARD and its important mandate. The budget for the ARD has been maintained at $4.92 million for 2020-21, unchanged from the previous fiscal year. We call on the members of the opposition to stand with our government in supporting the important work of the ARD.”

The Facts say: the $4.92 million the Premier referenced from the estimates IS a cut from the Liberal funding of $5.61 million — and that’s even before the actual spending came in even less at just $3.55 million. The facts are clear: there is a $2.06 million CUT.

Here are the receipts:

  • Ontario Estimates 2019-2020 :
    • Actual 2017-2018 (Last Liberal Government Fiscal Year) ARD Spending: $5,614,963
    • Estimates 2018-2019 (First PC Govt Fiscal Year) ARD Spending: $5,120,000
      • Represents an almost $500,000 proposed cut
    • Estimates 2018-2019 (Second PC Govt Fiscal Year) ARD Spending: $4,920,000
      • Represents an almost $700,000 proposed cut
  • Ontario Estimates 2020-2021 :
    • Actual 2018-2019 (First PC Govt Fiscal Year) ARD Spending: $3,553,800
      • Represents a $2,061,163 actual cut from Liberal spending
    • Estimates 2018-2019 (Second PC Govt Fiscal Year) ARD Spending: $4,920,000
      • Represents an almost $700,000 proposed cut

“I can tell you that the previous work taking place was vital to combat systemic racism in Ontario. Cutting over $2 million from the ARDs budget will cripple its ability to tackle systemic racism and reduce its effectiveness. Who knows how big the cut will be next year” said Coteau, the former Minister Responsible for the Anti-Racism Directorate said.

Coteau added, “Time and time again, we’ve seen the government say they’re focused on cutting spending, but then insist they never cut the specific spending when called out for it. Just like with autism funding, the government is doing things in the dark; no one knows where the money is being spent or if it is being spent.”

“We have seen the complete disappearance of any public face of the Anti-Racism Directorate. There are no consultations, none of the mandatory reporting is being done, and no three-year strategies have been released. As far as the public is concerned, the ARD’s work has all but stopped. This is part of the typical pattern of cuts by stealth we see from this government,” Coteau concluded.

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Andrew Green

Executive Assistant to Michael Coteau, MPP | 647-961-3574

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