Conservatives Admit Bill 124 Withheld $2.5 Billion From Critical Frontline Workers

QUEEN’S PARK – Today, the Ford Conservatives have confirmed that their unconstitutional, wage-capping Bill 124, withheld approximately $2.5 billion of hard-earned pay from Ontario’s critical frontline workers.  

Within the 2022-23 Public Accounts, the Government of Ontario has included an estimated $2.5 billion as part of their Contingent Liabilities, which would be used as retroactive backpay should the Ford Conservatives lose their appeal of the Court’s decision to strike down Bill 124. 

“A liability needs to be likely, and estimable, for the Government to include it in its financial statements — which it has done here for the first time,” said Stephanie Bowman, MPP for Don Valley West. “This is a clear admission that their appeal is unlikely to find success and that the Ford Conservatives will have to do the right thing and pay back the withheld wages.” 

 “The COVID-19 pandemic and sky-rocketing cost of everyday essentials has put millions of Ontario families in significant financial hardship,” continued MPP Bowman. “This $2.5 billion is money that families should have had in their pockets during the last four years, not in the Government’s coffers.”  

“It is unconscionable that at a time when families are struggling to put food on the table, the Ford Conservatives would double down on their efforts to withhold billions of dollars from our critical frontline workers by appealing the Court’s decision,” added MPP Bowman.  

Ontario Liberals are calling on Doug Ford to accept the Court’s ruling, sit down with all those affected by Bill 124, and negotiate the fair wages that our critical frontline workers deserve. 

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