Conservative MPPs Block Testimony into $8.3 Billion Greenbelt Scandal

QUEEN’S PARK – Yesterday, 6 Conservative MPPs on the Standing Committee on Heritage, Infrastructure and Cultural Policy, voted down a Liberal motion to further examine the $8.3 Billion Greenbelt Giveaway.

The motion asked for the Committee to interview all political and public service staff who were captured in both the Auditor General’s report, and the Integrity Commissioner’s report, on what happened in the Greenbelt backroom deal.

Brown envelopes, deception, former Premier’s office staff working with unregistered lobbyists, mystery trips to Vegas, and many other things, tell the story of Premier Ford’s $8.3 billion backroom deal. That story needs to be told.

All 6 of Doug Ford’s Conservative MPPs voted down the motion after sitting in silence throughout the debate, and gave no reason as to why the Committee shouldn’t hear the testimony of all those involved.

“All roads in this $8.3 billion scandal, lead to the Premier’s office,” said John Fraser, MPP for Ottawa South and Interim Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. “The Ford Conservatives are continuing to throw roadblocks in place to prevent Ontarians from getting to the bottom of what went on and discovering why a small group of Doug Ford’s friends and fundraisers benefitted from an $8.3 billion backroom deal.”

Ontario Liberals will continue to fight until Ontarians get the transparency they deserve.

“All members of the legislature on both sides should be concerned about this $8.3 billion cash-for-your-land scheme,” added MPP Fraser. “It was wrong for government members to block testimony before Committee”.


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