Campaign Debrief

The Campaign Debrief is an initiative to examine the 2022 Campaign and collect and review feedback from the grassroots members that power our movement. This input will directly guide and shape our party’s next steps.

Committee Leadership

The committee leadership is tasked with overseeing the Campaign Debrief by applying an impartial, evidence-based, and meticulous lens to the last campaign, through working closely with our members, volunteers, staff, and other stakeholders across the party and campaign to analyze the challenges, positive outcomes, and opportunities for best practices that can be applied to future campaigns.

Qasir Dar


Before coming to Canada, Qasir Dar achieved his Master’s degree in Economics and worked as a teacher and college principal in Pakistan, helping young people achieve their full potential. In 2003, Dar made the decision to move to Canada to build a new life, like many people from around the world. Here, he built a successful career in retail and corporate management, putting his leadership skills to work in new environments.

For the past 15 years, Dar has been a hard-working member of both the Ontario Liberal Party and the Liberal Party of Canada. He has been a part of countless election campaigns across Ontario as a volunteer and as a campaign manager, and recently served as the Organizational Chair for the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario). Today, he continues to work with the grassroots members of the Liberal movement as the Director of the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario), bringing diverse voices and perspectives to the table. Dar looks to use his experience to help examine the 2022 Campaign and ensure the Ontario Liberal Party is well-positioned to move forward.

Patricia Favre


Patricia Favre is a Principal with Navigator, a leading high-stakes strategic advisory and communications firm. She previously served four terms on the Executive of the Ontario Liberal Party as the Vice-President, Communications and served as the Communications Chair for OLP’s 2020 Leadership Convention. Patricia has extensive political experience having worked at Queen’s Park in Premier McGuinty’s office and for an Ontario Cabinet Minister, and on the campaign trail during many provincial and municipal election campaigns.

David Zimmer


David Zimmer is a Principal with Aurora Strategy Group and the current Chair of the Ontario Liberal Party Arbitration Committee. He is also a member of the Liberal International Climate Justice Committee in London, England. David is the former Ontario Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation and has the distinction of being the longest-serving Minister responsible for Indigenous Relations – he served four terms as the Member of Provincial Parliament for Willowdale. A long-time Liberal, David brings decades of experience serving the Ontario Liberal Party to his role as co-chair of the Campaign Debrief.

Reporting to the committee leadership, Christine McMillan, the 2022 Campaign Director, will help debrief the campaign team to identify how the party can improve upon this year’s efforts and ensure success in the next election campaign.

Tom Pitfield, the Founder and CEO of Data Sciences, will work with the team at Data Sciences to analyze information collected during the 2022 Campaign to make evidence-based recommendations on how the party can move forward.

In-Person Membership Debrief

On Saturday, September 10, the Ontario Liberal Party will hold an in-person debrief session for all interested OLP members. This will be an opportunity for Ontario Liberals to come together and have an open and thoughtful discussion about the 2022 Campaign. Coinciding with a meeting of the Ontario Liberal Party Provincial Council, this will be a full-day event featuring workshops, keynote speeches, and more.


Start Time End Time Agenda Item
8:30am 9:30am Registration, Coffee & Networking
9:30am 9:40am Welcome
9:50am 12:00pm Campaign Debrief Sessions
12:00pm 12:15pm Remarks from the Interim Leader
12:15pm 12:45pm Lunch
12:45pm 1:45pm Fireside Chat with Dr. Melanie Bechard
1:45pm 2:00pm Presentation from Dr. Adil Shamji
2:15pm 3:30pm Regional Breakout Sessions
3:30pm 3:50pm Snack Break
4:00pm 5:00pm Policy Breakout Sessions
5:00pm 5:15pm Closing
7:00pm Pub Night Hosted by the OYL and Ottawa South PLA


Debrief Sessions

These sessions will focus on key aspects of the 2022 Campaign that will help identify the challenges, successes, and areas for improvement identified by the groups in question and ensure a wider analysis from a variety of perspectives.


Candidates’ Task Force
Karim Bardeesy, Andrea Barrack, Greg Dempsey, Shelby Ch’ng, Lee Fairclough, Katie Gibbs, Emilie Leneveu, Linda McCurdy, Marilyn Raphael

The Candidates’ Task Force is a group of nine Ontario Liberal candidates who are leading the debrief process among the party’s 2022 Candidates. They will make action-oriented recommendations on how the central party, and our Provincial Liberal Associations, can ensure that local campaign teams have the conditions they need to be successful.

The Task Force will present their findings at the In-Person Membership Debrief on September 10, which will feed into the final report to be released by the Campaign Debrief committee.

Ontario Young Liberals

Huzaif Qaisar
President of the Ontario Young Liberals

Huzaif Qaisar is the President of the Ontario Young Liberals and an experienced political staffer. He has been actively involved in many political campaigns, especially local campaigns in the Ottawa area.

For the Campaign Debrief, Huzaif will have open conversations with Young Liberals across Ontario to identify how young people can continue to be a driving force in our movement.

Ontario Women’s Liberal Commission

Amelia Libertucci
President of the Ontario Women’s Liberal Commission

Amelia Libertucci is a long-time educator and advocate for women in politics. As President of the Ontario Women’s Liberal Commission, Amelia works to strengthen the voice of the women in the Ontario Liberal Party and in politics.

Amelia will work with the Ontario Women’s Liberal Commission executive and local clubs to identify how we can encourage and support more women to join politics, and run for office.


As part of ongoing effort to hear from our grassroots, the Campaign Debrief team will conduct surveys with the party’s Membership, Provincial Liberal Association Presidents, Campaign Managers, Candidates, and the Chief Financial Officers for all ridings.

The campaign debrief survey has now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated and took the time to guide and shape our party’s path forward.

Final Report

The Campaign Debrief Committee has completed their full report, which outlines their findings and suggestions for next steps. The report has been made publicly available at the button below.

Read the Report