28-Day Targeted Lockdown Needed In Hot Zones

TORONTO – Steven Del Duca, Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, released the following statement:

“For months, public health experts and opposition politicians have been calling on Doug Ford to take decisive action to get this crisis under control. Tragically, he has chosen instead to provide dithering half-measures and muzzle public health leaders. Enough is enough. We need urgent action now, including a 28-day targeted lockdown in Toronto, Peel and York Region.

“The situation is out of control and Doug Ford’s public health advisors are projecting up to 6,000 new cases per day in December. We need a decisive response to save the many lives that will be lost on our current trajectory. One death is too many, but without urgent action there will be many more.”

“The urgent action needed to protect public health and get the virus under control in hot-spots must also include a guarantee that no affected business will have to close its doors forever because of this situation. While a temporary lockdown is necessary, it’s crucial that we take action to protect business owners.”

I am proposing the following measures:

  • 28-day closure of nonessential businesses
  • Ban non-essential traveling from hot zones (Toronto, Peel and York) to non-hot zones
  • Dramatically-increase testing and contact tracing in the hardest hit neighbourhoods in places like Brampton and Scarborough
  • Providing immediate and direct support to business owners impacted by the closures to ensure they are able to stay afloat 
  • Providing adequate sick leave to workers who need to isolate in order to help contain the spread of COVID-19
  • Additional consideration be given to an extended winter break for schools

“We must do all we can to curb the surging infections in Ontario. Lives and livelihoods are on the line, and there’s no room for error.”


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