2024 Summer Internship Program

The application period for the 2024 summer internship has closed.


The Ontario Liberal Party is looking for a small team of bright, energetic college or university students to join our small but mighty staff for the summer. The work will be hybrid with the opportunity to work remotely some days but interns should be prepared to be in-person in Toronto for most of the internship period.

Over the course of the summer you will have the opportunity to work closely with Party staff on field organizing, communications, fundraising, data analytics, and event planning. You may get the chance to work on a by-election.

The right candidates for this position have a keen interest in politics. They can adapt and work dynamically in a fast-paced environment and want to learn and apply campaigning and organizing skills. We’re going to ask you to work hard and in return we’re going to have a lot of fun and teach you everything we can about working in and around a political party.


The Ontario Liberal Party is looking to hire individuals who are eager to learn and develop their skills in a practical political setting, in preparation for a career in campaigning and political operations.

Successful applicants will have the following qualifications:

  • Works well with others. Working as part of the Ontario Liberal team means working with the multitude of volunteers, staff, candidates, and activists that drive us
  • Possess basic knowledge of Ontario politics and the Ontario Liberal Party
  • Diligent and independent at work – as a member of our small team, you will be supported and trained on accomplishing tasks, but ultimately need to be driven on completing work in a rapidly-evolving environment
  • Flexibility and problem solving skills to adapt to new challenges as they arise
  • The desire to learn and become a valued member of a growing and stellar team
  • Knowledge of Liberalist software, spreadsheets and the Microsoft Office suite of products are an asset
  • Prior experience (volunteer or paid positions) in political roles at any level are helpful
  • Bilingualism is an asset, as is a driver’s license

Responsibilities and Duties

Interns will be expected to carry out many important responsibilities to successfully aid other staff and ensure the Ontario Liberal Party’s success. Responsibilities and Duties for Interns will be as follows:

  • Direct outreach activities to members, donors, volunteers, and voters to share information and provide service
  • Help organize and execute events such as webinars, fundraisers, and training sessions
  • Support on training riding volunteers to build our grassroots capabilities in preparation for the 2026 election
  • Media monitoring and other support for our communications team
  • Supporting the local campaign efforts of our Ontario Liberal Party candidates in any active or upcoming by-elections
  • Other duties as required

Dates and Deadlines

  • Applications for the Ontario Liberal Party Summer Internship Program are now open as of Thursday, April 4th
  • Applications are due by Sunday, Sunday, April 14th at 11:59 PM
  • Successful applicants will be contacted for interviews, which can be conducted either in-person or by video call, the week of April 15th
  • Offers will be made on or about April 22nd
  • The Internship Program will begin on Monday, May 15th and end on Friday, August 16th, with some flexibility to allow for academic and personal commitments

Eligibility Requirements

Only candidates who meet the following minimum requirements will be considered:

  • Eligible to work in Canada
  • Have completed high school
  • Reside in Ontario

Hours and Compensation

  • Irregular hours – as part of a fast-changing and dynamic work environment, the time of political work hours vary. General expectation on availability is 9AM-5PM Mon-Fri, but successful candidates should be prepared for work to arise on weekends or evenings for special events
  • Full-time, paid position at $17 per hour on the basis of a 40 hour work-week