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Over 2 million people under the age of 30 will be eligible to vote in the next election, creating a seismic shift in Ontario politics. The Ontario Liberal Party is working to be a part of that change by nominating 30 candidates under the age of 30 ahead of the 2022 election. Complete the form below to put your name forward as a potential candidate for political office or continue scrolling to recommend a talented young person for political action.

If you’re a young person who’s Ready to Lead:

We’re working to nominate 30 candidates under the age of 30 ahead of the 2022 election and to get more young people involved in politics. If you’re looking to change politics as a candidate for political office, share your information below:

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If you’re a supporter of young people and believe they are Ready to Lead:

Support a young person today by telling them how you think they could help shake up Ontario politics as a Member of Provincial Parliament:

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Fundraising remains a barrier to many younger candidates as they run for office for the first time. The Fund for Liberal Youth is dedicated to raising money to help young people run for the first time as political candidates. By making a one-time or recurring monthly donation today, you will be making a direct investment toward the election of a new generation of MPPs to Queen’s Park.


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