“I believe in expanding opportunity for everyone. I believe in progress. It’s at the heart of everything I do, and I believe it’s at the heart of what it means to be an Ontario Liberal.”
— Steven Del Duca

About Steven

Steven is a first-generation Canadian, the son of immigrant parents who came to Canada looking for opportunity. They worked hard to find it and provide for their children. Steven works everyday to honour that gift from his parents. At the core, Steven wants to build an Ontario where genuine opportunity is within reach for everyone.

He lives in Vaughan with his wife Utilia and their two daughters – and their dogs Hunter and Sammy.


Steven has been fighting for progress and improving the communities he lives in and served for over three decades — yet his greatest achievement is being a loving husband and father to his two girls.

As Leader of Ontario’s Liberals, Steven has been focused on making life more affordable, including, making sure Ontario actually delivers a $10 a-day childcare deal; improving healthcare and education; ending the housing crisis; fighting climate change; and bringing economic dignity to the people of Ontario.

Throughout the pandemic, he has constantly offered strong, steady leadership anchored on science and practical solutions for families and businesses.

Between his background as part of a labour union, his law degree and time in cabinet, Steven has the experience – and a team of new Liberal candidates to build a brighter future for everyone in Ontario.


This election, The Choice Is Yours. Steven sees an economic and social safety net that is inadequate to deal with the challenges facing Ontarians. He believes that government has a responsibility to find positive solutions to make life more affordable, building a more resilient healthcare system, providing our kids with world-class education, and make real progress on the climate crisis.

He knows that broadly shared economic prosperity is impossible without addressing these challenges. Simplistic slogans and political platitudes won’t do – real solutions and real progress come from hard work — and he and the new Ontario Liberal Team is ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work on day one.

Ontario is in the fight of its life: four more years of rolling back progress under Doug Ford’s Conservatives, or electing a Premier and a government that will be relentless in the pursuit for a better Ontario.

Contact Steven

You can email Steven’s office at: info.leader@ontarioliberal.ca