Steven Del Duca has been an active Liberal since he was 15. His roots in the party run deep.

He has been hard at work for 30 years as a local campaign volunteer, a riding president, a campus club president, a political staffer, a campaign manager, an Executive Council Member, a candidate, an MPP, and a Cabinet Minister.

Our party is in the fight of its life, and Steven has the experience needed to win that fight. He knows the party, he knows the grassroots, and knows that Ontario Liberals must rebuild and deliver real change.

Steven is a first-generation Canadian – the son of a Scottish mother and an Italian father. His parents came to Canada looking for opportunity, and they found it. Steven wants to build an Ontario where genuine opportunity is real for everyone, where both entrepreneurs and workers can thrive, and individual success is only limited by talent, effort, and dedication.

Ontario is in the fight of its life. Steven is a leader who will be relentless in the pursuit of progress, who will work night and day and never stop fighting for a better Ontario.

Steven served in Cabinet as Minister of Transportation, and as Minister of Economic Development and Growth, and he brought two driving principles to that table: dignity for workers and support for entrepreneurship.

The world of work has changed. Steven sees an economic and social safety net that is inadequate to deal with the disruption of automation and digitisation, and he believes that government has a responsibility to find positive solutions to meet this challenge.

He knows that broadly shared economic prosperity is impossible without addressing these challenges. Simplistic slogans and political platitudes won’t do – real solutions and real progress come from hard work.

Steven Del Duca was first elected to the Ontario Legislature in September 2012. Prior to his election, he had a long record of community involvement and a dedication to public service.

Steven was the fundraising chair for the Annual Vaughan Hospital Fundraising Gala that raised over $1 million, and the driving force behind the Greater Toronto Region Economic Summit that was established in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis to find solutions
and map a path to recovery.

Del Duca holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Osgoode Hall and studied Political Science and Canadian History at the University of Toronto and Carleton University.

He lives in Vaughan with his wife and their two daughters – and their dog Hunter.

On March 7, 2020, Steven was elected leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.