Organizing Ontario

Organizing Ontario is a volunteer program built to engage party activists in the everyday work of the party as we grow our movement. By setting clear campaign targets, forming strong volunteer teams, and providing regular training opportunities along the way, we will be ready to win the next election and begin building a better Ontario for everyone.

Victory Targets

Setting clear Victory Targets with monthly, quarterly, and annual milestones is the best way to measure progress as we work to get campaign-ready. With your help, by 2022 we’ll have 124 healthy PLAs, 25,000 volunteers across Ontario, 1 million supporters identified in Liberalist, $4 million in annual donations from monthly donors, and best of all, a new Liberal Government!

Volunteer Activation Teams

The Ontario Liberal Party is made up of dedicated and talented activists like you living in every community across the province. Together, we’re forming strong Activation Teams with new and long-standing volunteers to tackle the day to day work that will help us reach our targets and lead to victory in 2022. To get started as a volunteer, sign up here:

*More information about Activation Teams will be made available in the coming months.

Volunteer Training

 To build a province-wide movement, we need to support the talented people who step up to join us. Training has a crucial role to play in meeting our Victory Targets. That’s why we’ve created the Organizing Ontario Training Hub to connect volunteers with helpful training materials. Any registered party member can contact their local Provincial Liberal Association President for access to the Hub.

Find Your PLA

Visit the Training Hub