The Ontario Liberal Party (the “OLP”) is committed to fostering and sustaining an inclusive, diverse, equitable, safe and accessible workplace that is respectful and conducive to both positive morale and productivity. To that end, the OLP is committed to providing a workplace free from discrimination, harassment and violence. It is the policy of the OLP to take every reasonable step to:

  • cultivate and sustain a supportive work culture;
  • promote awareness of rights and responsibilities;
  • prevent workplace discrimination and harassment;
  • identify and eliminate workplace discrimination and harassment in a timely manner;
  • improve and/or restore work environments and work relationships
    affected by incidents or allegations of discrimination or harassment
    should they arise;
  • and prevent incidents of workplace violence and take appropriate action in
    the event of any such occurrences;

All concerns of discrimination, harassment or violence will be taken seriously and handled in a professional and impartial manner in accordance with the provisions set out in this policy.

Individuals are encouraged, where possible, to inform an alleged offender about unwelcome conduct or actions perceived to be discriminatory or harassing, and to request that the alleged offender stop such conduct or actions.

Where an individual feels uncomfortable making such a request, or where the offending conduct or action continues, individuals should report their allegations to one of the following Executive Officers:

  • Executive Director of the OLP;
  • OLP Party President;
  • or OLP Executive Vice-President.

 View the full policy approved in principle by Provincial Council on February 2, 2018