Currently, under legislation passed unanimously by the Ontario Legislative Assembly, the Election Finances Statute Law Amendment Act, 2016 includes new rules and restrictions concerning fundraising and who can donate to political parties, riding associations, nomination contestants, and leadership contestants.

Who Can Contribute

Under the new legislation, the Ontario Liberal Party can only accept contributions from individual persons residing in Ontario. Additionally, the funds donated must belong to that person.

Who Cannot Contribute

Corporations and unions are banned from donating money or guaranteeing loans to parties, candidates, constituency associations, nomination contestants, and leadership contestants. Other types of unincorporated groups (e.g., a neighbourhood association) are also banned from making donations. You must be an individual resident in Ontario to contribute.

Contribution Limits

In each year, an individual may contribute a maximum of $1,222 to the Ontario Liberal Party. Additionally, an individual can contribute a combined maximum of $1,222 to the provincial constituency associations and nomination contestants.

During an election period, individuals may contribute an additional combined amount of $1,222 to registered candidates of the Ontario Liberal Party.

Fundraising Events

Ticket purchases to Ontario Liberal Party fundraising events count towards an individual's annual contribution limit of $1,222. The following individuals may not attend a fundraising event:

  1. Members of the Assembly,
  2. Leaders of a registered party,
  3. Nomination contestants, candidates, or leadership contestants,
  4. Any person employed by the Office of the Premier,
  5. Chiefs of Staff of a Minister of the Crown
  6. A person employed as a member of the staff of the leader of a recognized party.

These rules came into effect January 1, 2017.

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