2023 Ontario Young Liberals Elections

The Ontario Young Liberals will elect a new Executive at their upcoming 2023 Annual General Meeting. These are the candidates who have put their names forward.


Executive Vice-President

  • Umaid Zahid

Vice President Organization

  • Noor Samiei


Communications Director

Policy Director

Student Director

Riding Director

Community Engagement Director

Regional Coordinators

  • Ariel Burgess
  • Lina Maragha
GTA North
  • Daniyal Khaleghi
GTA East
  • Shyan Hayder
GTA Central
  • Saadiq Jasat
Golden Horseshoe

for President

Huzaif Qaisar

I am proud to be seeking re-election as the President of the Ontario Young Liberals (OYL).

My Young Liberal journey first began as a volunteer with the Carleton University Young Liberal’s Campus club, which later led to me being elected as President. Being part of a campus club for 4 years built up my leadership skills and gave me first-hand experience in the critical work campus clubs do for our party. I have also served on my local PLA, volunteered on countless nominations and election campaigns, and was one of the youngest Campaign Managers during the 2022 provincial election.

In the past year, the OYL has grown to the largest it’s been in over half a decade; we have more than tripled the amount of campus and riding clubs, fought for a record number of youth on campaign teams during the election, and so much more. In 2022, we focused our energy on supporting our local candidates, but going forward, we have much more to accomplish together.

Here is what I will do within the first 100 days of being re-elected:

Defend Franco-Ontarians: By introducing a VP french position on the exec team, I will ensure that Franco-Ontarians’ priorities are heard.

Outreach to High Schoolers: Starting a high school coordinator position on the OYL to engage our younger volunteers and grow the OYL.

Establish a Presidents’ Council: Monthly meetings with all riding/campus club presidents and the OYL President to ensure grassroots work and engagement is being done.

Ensure Effective Regional Coordination: Establishing regional committees for clubs and YLs within a region to meet, collaborate on events, and establish a network.

Start a Campaign College: An online campaign college, a platform which will provide training on the fundamentals of campaigning for all Young Liberals.

A neutral OYL during leadership: The OYL will remain neutral in the upcoming leadership race.

The OYL needs experienced, compassionate, and dedicated leadership to keep up the momentum we have worked so hard for. Together, we can build the OYL we want to see.

For more information and to learn more about my plan, please visit: Huzaif.ca

If you’d like to get in contact, here’s how:

Phone: 613-298-2214
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: https://twitter.com/huzaifqaisar1

Sandro Giugovaz

Young people form the backbone of the Ontario Liberal Party. The OYL will play a key role in ensuring future electoral success. That’s why I’m running for president.I’m committed to working proactively to find members that are interested in founding new OYL campus and riding clubs. It is also imperative that we work together to expand beyond universities and found clubs on college campuses.

I was the deputy campaign manager for the Ya’ara Saks campaign, Marco Mendocino’s candidate’s aide and I have been on provincial and federal executives. I know our party well.

Leadership races are crucial for bringing new members into the party. The OYL executive sets an important tone for young people interested in participating in this process. Fostering a welcoming environment for young liberals to participate is paramount. That is why I am committed to remaining neutral in the upcoming leadership race.

To learn more about my platform and my team please visit our website: oyl4all.ca

for Treasurer

Layeebah Ahmad

I am proud to put my name forward as a candidate for Treasurer. I was born and raised in Mississauga. My passion for politics arose when I got heavily involved in the federal election for Mississauga Centre for 2021 and provincial election for Mississauga Centre for 2022. In the provincial election for Mississauga Centre I was a candidate aide for Sumira Malik, one of the youngest provincial candidates that our party has ever nominated.

For two years I led canvases, staffed her at events, recruited volunteers and knocked on doors. I got to explore my passion for various policy issues such as mental health, healthcare and key youth issues. It was a lot of work but I did it because I believe in a Liberal vision of Ontario. It was amazing to see hundreds of young people getting involved in our campaign who wanted the same thing we do. It was great talking to congregants and constituents in Mississauga Centre as they voiced their concern to bring a change during the election.

I want our next leader to inherit a strong youth organization – one that has strong voices from every corner of the province. That’s why I am running for Treasurer of the OYL.

I strongly believe we need to work together to promote the events we are holding, plan even more events and help young liberals get ready for the next election. That includes creating a virtual campaign college to train young liberals how to manage campaigns, and professional in person training sessions for us to learn more from young liberal alumni. When you get pushed down you get back up. So now it’s time to rebuild stronger than ever before.

This is our chance to vote for change and I hope I can count on your vote at the upcoming AGM.

for Communications Director

Olivia Batten

Since November, I’ve served as the Director of Communications for the Ontario Young Liberals, and at the upcoming OLP AGM, I’ll be running for re-election.

The opportunity to strengthen the OYL’s social media presence while amplifying the incredible work of our young liberal clubs across Ontario has been incredibly rewarding.

As this year’s President of the Queen’s University Liberal Association, I understand just how motivated youth are to help rebuild the Ontario Liberal Party. With your support, I will continue to build on the progress we have made to engage and empower young liberals to take an active role in shaping our party and our province’s future.

Ryon Dalir

I am proud to put my name forward as a candidate for Communications Director. The OYL at its core is designed to support our amazing campus clubs and riding associations, to provide them with every opportunity to connect with their communities and highlight their amazing activism to build a prosperous Ontario.

There is a lot of work to do: the current website has not been updated in a very long while. Links are broken and material is out of date. My first order of business will be fixing this and getting to work on revitalizing all OYL communication products.

We need to do a better job of promoting the work and events that are being organized across the province.

The OYL needs leadership, I bring years of grassroots activism and communications experience that will ensure that we are not only increasing our youth engagement, not only highlighting the work of our youth associations but also ensure we keep the current Ford Government in-check.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (647) 896-652

for Policy Director

Bruce Baker

Hi everyone, my name is Bruce Baker (he/him/il), and I am running to be re-elected as your OYL Policy Director. Over the past year I have put the work in to ensure the policy priorities of young liberals across the province are being recorded, escalated, and ultimately become a part of our parties future. I ran consultations for various parts of our 2022 Campaign platform, organized the OYL’s 1st post-pandemic in person policy summit, and Co-Chaired the OYL’s Constitutional Amendment Committee, ensuring your voice is heard all throughout our party.
In past lives, I’ve served on the Queen’s Liberals for my entire undergrad, including serving as President in my 4th year. I have experience in the OYL as I served as our regional coordinator for the East for 2 years as well. I have helped re-found PLA’s and have been a dedicated volunteer since 2018.
In my professional life, I work for a high-tech electronics company as a Program Manager, overseeing complex relationships between our internal team and our corporate customers. This gives me excellent drive, attention to detail, and an ability to turn wants into results. I would be honoured to serve again as your Policy Director.
Thank you/Merci, and vote Bruce Baker for OYL Policy Director.

for Student Director

Treden Roseau

Although I am fairly new to politics, one thing I can say is that I have learned a lot from working with my peers and inspiring others to get themselves involved in politics. Through my time spent on Jeff Lehman’s 2022 Campaign, I learned the meaning of community and how much it matters to create a positive change in politics. Through my time spent meeting and connecting with Young Liberals in the University of Ottawa Young Liberals Campus Club, I learned that even the small grassroots movements can instill lasting change.

Now I want to help enhance that change and help others bring change.

As OYL Student Director I will be an effective and efficient liaison between club presidents and OYL executives to help clubs get the information or resources that they need. I will emphasize the need to work with the Communication Director to promote student and club participation at the grassroots level to continue to recruit new members and get more youth voices in politics. I will work with the VP Organization to ensure clubs uphold the values and high standards of the OYl and its constitution and make sure our organization is a place for all, fair, and just.

I hope you consider giving me your vote at the upcoming AGM this March and want you to know that I have an open door policy. I will happily answer any questions you may have.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (705) 818-3914
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TredenRoseau

for Riding Director

MacKenzie Collings

Hard work conquers all. Whether you’re a Young Liberal from Hamilton, Sudbury, Toronto, or my hometown of Barrie, we have a big job. Paving the Ontario Liberal Party’s road to success is an important duty that will require input from young people all over Ontario. Let’s work together to show that youth have a home in our party and that we will fight for their values.
By working with ridings across Ontario, together we can empower Young Liberals to grow the movement in their communities, have a seat at the table, and equip our future leaders with the tools for success. With hard work and a determined team, we can be THE party for youth in Ontario.
TW: @MacCollings
IG: @mackenziecollings

for Community Engagement Director

Kathia Supilanas

Hello Everyone! My name is Kathia Supilanas and I am a recent graduate of the University of Toronto. A little bit about me, I recently worked as a Federal Constituency Assistant and as a Volunteer Coordinator during the 2022 Ontario Provincial Election. Prior to that, I was a Student Life and Wellness Assistant at Trinity College, University of Toronto which gave me both the tools and drive to practise and advocate for mental health. I have always loved politics and the ability to make a difference in society. Like many of you, I want to help advocate for policies and laws that will not only ensure a brighter future but also a better present. I believe that us youth have the power to make meaningful change which is why I am running to be your Community Engagement Director.

for Regional Coordinators


Yanick Proulx

My desire to connect with and represent young liberals in the Northern Ontario region has motivated me to run for the Regional Coordinator position. I believe that this role will allow me to work towards creating a better future for the young people in the community and to contribute to their growth and development into future liberal leaders.

Golden Horseshoe

Keagan McNeil

My name is Keagan McNeil, I am excited to be running for the Golden Horseshoe Regional Chair. 

I became a Young Liberal in 2019, and if I have learned anything over the past four years it is that young people do want to be involved in politics, it’s just a matter of making it an open and inclusive place for them to prosper. 

Currently, I am the president of the Brock University Young Liberals and the president of the Niagara Centre Provincial Riding Association. In these roles, I’ve learned how much we can achieve together, and I want to bring our region’s voice to the OYL Executive Council. 

I believe that I would be a great regional chair for the Golden Horseshoe area. I am familiar with the area, as I am born and raised in it. I know that I can help make the Golden Horseshoe a place for young liberals to find themselves and grow with the party. 

Thank you for your consideration and I’ll work hard to earn your support and trust. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns at [email protected].

Samridhi Datta

Samridhi Datta is a young and ambitious 22-year-old who has volunteered in several Liberal provincial & federal campaigns. She has been actively volunteering for the past 5 plus years, where she first developed an interest in the Ontario Liberal Party and Ontario Young Liberals.

Samridhi had worked in many different areas in her community over the years. While simultaneously working in immigration, real estate, and as an instructor therapist, she is also pursuing her bachelor’s degree in psychology with honours at York University. Samridhi has been a part of Calumet College Council as Vice President of Communications, at York University. She works hard to ensure council events are presented in an innovative and efficient manner to ensure maximum participation from its audience.

Samridhi Datta is running for Golden Horseshoe Regional Coordinator for the OYL. She believes that she is the ideal candidate for this role as she has similar experiences being a part of Calumet College Council with regard to working towards a common goal and serving as a liaison for the region and the OYL executive board. She is ready to serve you as your next Golden Horseshoe Regional Coordinator! 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out! 



Jason Macdonald

I have been involved in the Young Liberals since my first year of university, I found that it was a welcoming an inclusive space that I think more students should have the opportunity to get involved in. The introduction to politics that I had through the Young Liberal Club set me up for the future that I am enjoying today. I have had the awesome opportunity to sit on the leadership of several campaigns since then. I have been privileged to sit on the Executive for the PLA in Ottawa-Centre and have spent countless hours working to organize at National and Provincial levels. Very simply without this organization I would not have had these incredible and life changing experiences without the Young Liberals.

That is why I think it is so important that I put my experience in politics on the hill and throughout the Capital, to work for the community that I grew up in. London Ontario and the broader south-west region has always been a home to me, whether you grew up in a city or surrounded by golden farm fields, Southwestern Ontarians learn the value of hard work early on and I know that the youth that live in this beautiful heartland of Ontario, have so much to contribute to our community. I want to work everyday for these young people and to help the next generation of Young Liberals gain the skills and experience they need, to lead our party into the future. We need to meet the challenges of the moment and that means we need an energized southwest, with your support, I know we can build the strong youth community we need to support our Ontario Liberal Party.